10 Mean Things Tom Shales Wrote About Jon Meacham and Alison Stewart’s New PBS Show

Washington Post style writer Tom Shales penned a review of Jon Meacham and Alison Stewart’s new PBS show Need to Know.

Shales feels strongly about the show, to say the least. Some of the words he used to describe the new show:

1. A monstrosity

2. A specious wheeze

3. Dreadful

4. Vacuous televised drivel [supplemented] with fancily designed Web-page graphics

5. More than I could stand

5. Streamlined tripe dispenser

6. Silly hyperbole

7. Shameless ballyhoo

8. Fawning

9. Fatuous

10. Not exactly profound

There was one segment about the fiftieth anniversary of The Pill that Shales didn’t seem to mind as much. He said it was “half-decent.”