‘Absurd Question’: What Was the Wall Street Journal Trying to Say with Softball Cover Photo?

Politico’s Ben Smith attemps to drill down into the Wall Street Journal‘s decision to put a picture of Supreme Court nominee and Elena Kagan playing softball on its cover this morning. Were the Journal‘s editors trying to send its readers a message?

“If you turn the photo upside down, reverse the pixilation and simultaneously listen to Abbey Road backwards, while reading Roland Barthes, you will indeed find a very subtle hidden message,” said Journal spokeswoman Ashley Huston.

“I think your question is absurd,” said Journal Deputy Managing Editor Alan Murray in a separate email.

We have a feeling Robert Thomson had something to do with the first comment. Sounds just like him! And, Mr. Murray, is that question really so absurd? Sometimes a photo of a rumored lesbian playing softball is just a photo of a rumored lesbian playing softball. And sometimes it isn’t.