Art on the Avenue

In New York, art is nothing if not convenient. Some single streets feature more art galleries than other whole towns. Here, we look at how very much is on view on just two city blocks: East 66th and 67th streets, which is something of a headquarters for Old Masters and fine furniture dealers, and East 78th and 79th streets, which features a more eclectic 20th-century mix. More information on Madison Avenue galleries, which are hosting a series of special events this weekend, can be found at, and

David Tunick

19 East 66th Street

This destination drawings gallery is showing the works of caricaturist and painter Honoré Daumier. This sweeping show-Mr. Tunick says he’s been squirreling away pieces for years for it-features 500 prints by the Frenchman, whose life spanned much of the 19th century and whose satiric wit was often directed at the more shallow of his contemporaries. Think New Yorker cartoons, by way of a famous artist.

Friedman & Vallois

27 East 67th Street

In February 2009, at the sale of the Yves Saint Laurent collection, Cheska Vallois, an art dealer and a co-owner of this gallery, paid $28 million for an armchair by Paris-based designer Eileen Gray, a record price for any chair. So this is no bargain basement, but it has exquisitely beautiful objects. The gallery specializes in Art Deco furniture, sculpture and fine design objects.

Simon Dickinson Gallery

19 East 66th Street

This ambitious gallery, which counts among its clients the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, handles art ranging from the Old Masters through to the present. Its spring show surprisingly favors the 21st century, featuring Olafur Eliasson (he of last summer’s waterfalls in the East River), Spencer Finch and James Turrell. The show includes a giant kaleidoscope by Mr. Eliasson.

Didier Aaron

32 East 67th Street

Three generations of the Aaron family have been in the art and antiques gallery business, first in Paris and now at this New York satellite. What’s on the walls stretches further back: The spring show is of paintings, by famous names and otherwise, from the 1600s.

Phoenix Ancient Art

47 East 66th Street

On view: relics of Rome and Greece. The New York branch of this Geneva gallery stocks a wide selection of work-idols, bronzes, pendants-that dates back centuries. There’s also a smattering of Etruscan pieces, ancient art from Italy’s Tuscany region.


Art on the Avenue