David Remnick: ‘Millions of People’ Will Pay for News

David Remnick reliably calls back reporters, so when you see that he has done a Q & A with Asharq Al-Awsat, an Arabic paper printed in London, it shouldn’t come as any surprise.

In the interview, Mr. Remnick told the paper that, yes, one day, people will have to pay for news, and there are millions of people who may want to do it:

I think readers might be able to expect headlines and the most superficial sort of “news” without charge, but if they are going to get the sort of depth they have come to expect from The New York Times – or, yes, The New Yorker – it stands to reason that they will have to pay for it. And I really think the demand, and the readers, are there. It is an unnerving time, to be sure, but I think there are millions of people who want something deeper than headline news.

Also, you can find out why he believes his writers should have beats, and what happened when the CIA called him one day.