Drughampton: Long Island’s playground to the rich has a rich history with illegal drugs

An NYPD sergeant, a Suffolk County police officer and two State troopers were arrested in 2002 for running a Hamptons-based cocaine and steroid ring. The cops, which were dealing only "low-level" drugs, were also found to be using the illegal steroids.


Undercover officers from the Southampton Police Department targeted notable clubs like Neptune's and Porky's Hamptons for their big Memorial Day weekend bust, with more than nine arrests and 50 violations. Along with cocaine and ecstasy, the dealers were also selling Vicodin.


Two bouncers of the Neptune Beach Club were busted for selling drugs. One bouncer allegedly took possession of ecstasy and cocaine from the clubgoers, only to sell it back to them.

Joe Shlabotnik

Rachel Uchitel, a hostess and party girl in the Hamptons and sometimes lover of Tiger Woods, achieved flaming fameball status when she told friends that she and Woods took Ambien before having sex.



A 41-year-old resident of Flanders was found in December to be using his house to grow more than 20 marijuana plants. Among the other loot the police found: 13 long guns, four illegally possessed handguns, and approximately 30,000 rounds of ammunition.

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