Duffy’s Chat

There aren’t many unscripted moments in Andrew Cuomo’s campaign. But here’s one.

When Cuomo picked Bob Duffy to be the party’s lieutenant governor candidate on Wednesday, Duffy was transformed overnight from the mayor of Rochester to leading statewide politician.

So who is he?

We’re still trying to find out. Duffy wasn’t made available for interviews the day Cuomo picked him for the job. Or the next day.

But when reporters caught up with him after his speech at the state Democratic Party’s convention, a few questions were fielded.

But not a lot of time for them.
After saying how much he agrees with Cuomo’s agenda—”We have not had one thing that I consider to be any issue of disagreements”—Duffy was asked to explain the role he’ll play in the administration.

It won’t be ceremonial, he said. Then, moments later, he was whisked away by a throng of aides.