Eliot Spitzer Wants to ‘Say What He Thinks,’ Will Not Take Over For Campbell Brown at CNN

Eliot Spitzer is frequently on television, so after Campbell Brown’s departure created an opening at CNN’s 8 p.m. hour, speculation began, first at the Washington Examiner, that Mr. Spitzer might become Ms. Brown’s replacement.

Jason Horowitz at The Washington Post checked into the rumors and found that Mr. Spitzer would have fundamental problems with hosting a show on middle-of-the-road CNN. The former governor is looking for a platform where he can be as partisan as he wants.

“He’d want to be unburdened to say what he thinks,” one source close to Mr. Spitzer told Mr. Horowitz.

MSNBC would probably be a better fit, writes Mr. Horowitz.

Spitzer, who did not return a call for comment, appeared several times on Brown’s program, but he has appeared with much more regularity on MSNBC, where the left-of-center politics are more amenable to his analysis about regulation reform, Wall Street abuses or other issues he is asked to comment on. On Monday afternoon, Spitzer subbed for MSNBC anchor Dylan Ratigan.

Mr. Spitzer began guest-anchoring (trying out?) for MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show at the beginning of April. He hosted the show again on Monday afternoon.