Elsewhere: Deals in Albany

Lazio keeps Cuomo under 60 percent in Rochester Business Journal poll.

Cox may not have fun at the state GOP convention.

Quinn and Eugene remember veterans.

Medina has details on deal to raise the cap on charter schools.

Teachers fear it will lead to oversaturation..

But it’s not about teachers, Silver notes.

Smerd: the state Democratic convention resembled “a national cheerleading championship.”

Avella says Padavan fixes potholes, but turns into a “radical Republican” in Albany.

Padavan voted against the charter bill, despite the support it has from ally Bloomberg. (My guess: he’s eyeing the UFT.)

Haberman calls it a “huge legislative coup” for Bloomberg.

Bloomberg said getting federal money wasn’t the real reason to raise the cap on charter schools.
No furloughs.

E-recycling has arrived.

Dunham: The Gulf of Mexico is Obama’s Katrina.

And Bloomberg takes a ride at Lunar Park.

Elsewhere: Deals in Albany