G-Chatting with Eric Kuo

If you’ve had a byline anywhere in New York in the last three or four years, chances are you’ve spoken with, heard from, or got a helpful tip thanks to Eric Kuo, a Brooklyn-based Democratic operative, astute consumer of news, and unofficial copy editor for most bloggers around the state (“missing a letter in ‘brooklyn,’ he told me a few minutes ago).

In a G-chat interview, he praises the Rose Garden media strategy of Andrew Cuomo, and the bullhorn-in-your-face approach of Anthony Weiner. He also makes a pitch for more stories about the attorney general’s race, and finds a way to insert a link to his own blog (I knew he’d start one sooner or later).

Here’s Eric Kuo:

me: which elected official or candidate has best media strategy, in your opinion?

Eric Kuo: andrew cuomo, because he’s going to win without taking any risks
me: what kind of strategy is that?
Eric: but for most effective of getting out there, i’d say weiner well, the end game is to be the next gov, and he’s got a nice lead and hasn’t put it in jeopardy by saying anything wrong

me: weiner seems to have the opposite strategy of cuomo, but yet, you like both approaches. what gives?

Eric Kuo: cuomo is the frontrunner, if everything stays the same, he’s gonna win in a landslide, so as long as he doesn’t get slammed for not asking questions, and the general public isn’t upset at him for ignoring the press. then its working
weiner is up against a bunch of people for mayor, so he has to make more of a splash and has done so rather effectively, especially on health care.

me: how’s the press done, in your opinion, of covering the 2010 candidates so far?

Eric Kuo: still early, i dont think the demand of heavy coverage from the general public will come until the summer but wish there was more on AG race, especially with Dan Donovan in it, that looks to be an exciting one.
me: okay. i’m gonna name a candidate, or elected official, you tell me the first thing that pops into your head, or first piece of advice you’d give them.
Eric Kuo: yep
me: cuomo
Eric Kuo: keep up the rose garden strategy
me: lazio

Eric Kuo: good luck, gonna need it
me: levy
Eric Kuo: enjoy the 15 mins

me: dinapoli
Eric: joint audits with john liu’s a pretty good idea
me: quinn

Eric Kuo: gets a bad rep, council does good things that it never gets credit for
me: de blasio

Eric Kuo: he’d do better in another position, and im sure he agrees
me: lastly, why don’t you just blog, rather than give tips to bloggers?

Eric Kuo: nydrinker.com, i can do both
me: nice

G-Chatting with Eric Kuo