It’s Free to Look: 88 Bedford Street

  • If you happen to be the rare New Yorker who doesn’t kill plants, this should be yours for free.

  • If you happen to be that rare New Yorker who doesn’t kill plants instantly, this 1850 townhouse with a backyard full of Japanese pergola, fully grown grape vines, hydrangea, roses and honeysuckle should be yours for free.

    The Stribling listing deems 88 Bedford Street the “James Phalen House”—he apparently of much wealth but little lasting fame. The 25-foot-wide, four-story townhouse has aged well, in part thanks to a recent redesign by Meyer Davis Architects, who also made Oscar de la Renta’s offices fabulous. While Mr. Phalen may not have recognized the Redwood spa or built-in sound system, we feel confident he would have approved.

    For $12.95 million, the price tag has also changed a bit since this federal-style townhouse was built, but with any luck 150 years from now they’ll name it after you. —Laura Kusisto

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