John Fairchild’s Column in W Ends as Stefano Tonchi Steps In

The beginning of Stefano Tonchi’s tenure at W marks the end of John Fairchild’s column, according to Page Six.

Mr. Fairchild’s column, which was filed under the pen name Countess Louise J. Esterhazy and appeared on the last page of the magazine each month, was a cutting commentary on society types.

“My computer and I are fighting over the fact that I think keeping tabs on Hollywood stars—their comings and goings, what they had for breakfast—is as exciting as watching Microsoft Windows load. Are we really that obsessed with them?” he wrote in the January issue.

Mr. Fairchild was chairman and editorial director of Fairchild until he turned 70 in 1997. His grandfather Edmund Fairchild founded Fairchild Publications.

W has compiled some of Mr. Fairchild’s best zings for the June issue.