Levy Extremely Confident That He’s Got the RGA Behind Him

Despite the fact that Haley Barbour and the Republican Governor’s Association aren’t committing to spending money in New York, Steve Levy says the group is backing him in the Republican primary, and may give him money in the general election.

“They set up a meeting with me,” and “they do not believe Rick Lazio can win. And that was not contradicted,” Levy said in a press conference this afternoon. “What they have clearly said is they believe I’m the guy who can win.”

Levy had scheduled a press conference in Lower Manhattan. After reporters showed up, Levy called in by phone, saying he was unable to get there in time. Levy said he was in a car on 5th Avenue and 50th Street. Levy said the RGA wanted the general election race to be “competitive” before they commit to spending money on it.

“The point that was made to us very early on is they have no faith Rick Lazio is going to get to that point of making it competitive, but they do have faith that I will,” Levy said.

“They have said and I believe still feel that I am the best candidate to put up against Andrew Cuomo, though they cannot say that publicly,” Levy said.

“Why would they have had a meeting with me when I was still a registered Democrat other than to lure me into the race,” he said. “They have no faith in Rick Lazio,” and “if they did, they wouldn’t have been meeting with me.”

Levy Extremely Confident That He’s Got the RGA Behind Him