Michael Wolff on WSJ’s Greater New York: ‘Confounding and Preposterous’

We’re now in Day 8 of the Journal‘s Greater New York section and Michael Wolff has rendered early judgment: He’s not a fan.

It’s a museum of insipid newspaper-isms. There’s the flat-footed and obvious: “Video Image Search Proves Painstaking.” The encomiums to anyone who seems the least civic-minded: “Quick-witted Office Praised.” The belabored metaphors: “Heart of Tourism Keeps Beating.” And, always, the dogged search for good news in our city: “Police, Vendors on Same Team.” With the capper: “Real Soccer Moms Do More than Stand on the Sidelines.”

And all this the day after Times Square almost gotten blown up.

The Observer‘s editors put together their own review, not unlike this one, last week.