Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Cuts, Brown’s Critics

friday waterson Morning Read: Bloombergs Cuts, Browns CriticsMichael Bloomberg proposed cutting 11,000 jobs.

More details here.

Teacher cuts: 14 percent in the South Bronx; nine percent on the Upper East Side.

Bloomberg blames it all on Albany.

Unless Mayor Michael Bloomberg runs for a fourth term—and he promises that will never happen—he doesn’t have to worry much about the anger associated with the tough budget cuts he proposed Thursday.”

Rep. Scott Murphy’s GOP challenger: “I have said all along there are episodic positive impacts of stimulus money. The problem is, on balance, we can’t afford this method.”

Byron Brown is accused of building a “Great Wall of China.”

Brown’s fund-raiser was protested by police and firemen.

Judge to Joe Bruno: “You trampled on the integrity of the state Legislature.”

You committed a crime,” the judge said. “The jury told you that. You can’t accept it. You have blinders on. You simply can’t see it.”

Bruno, still a charmer.

Gay City News: “Goldsmith has longstanding ties to social conservatives, including some of the most ardent anti-gay right-wingers in America.”

The White House blocks a Republican effort to water-down Wall Street regulation.

Obama’s spokesman, Bill Burton, is a native of Buffalo.

337 commenters talk about Obama coming to Buffalo.

Oddo and Ignizio boycott a GOP event.

Transparency fight in the Council.

Michelle Paterson and Silda Spitzer lunch together.

David Paterson dined on 57th Street with John Sampson.

John Gambling on riots in Greece: “[C]ould very well happen here in the United States.” [no link]

A pro-Wall Street cartoon in the Queens Tribune.

And pictured above is Bloomberg with Sam Waterson.

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