Morning Read: Fearing Bloomberg, Ducking Parker, Fighting Monserrate

A suspect in the attempted Times Square bombing was arrested after boarding a plane at JFK for Dubai. The plane was called back to the terminal.

Expect Kirsten Gillibrand television ads soon.

Gillibrand and her “little-known three” challengers are front-page news.

Eric Schneiderman and Micah Kellner introduce a new public corruption bill that also cracks down on member items.

A bill raising the cap on charter schools passed the State Senate in record time.

The bill passed because Senate Democrats feared Michael Bloomberg, and it’s now putting pressure on the Assembly, writes Fred Dicker.

To bypass Albany’s weird lobbying laws, you basically have to invite strangers to your parties.

Rep. Mike Arcuri on Arizona’s immigration law. “I believe in states’ rights, and they should be able to decide how they want to run their state.” But, “I do think there are some issues with the law.”

Rep. Mike McMahon calls Obama’s timetable for withdrawing from Afghanistan “optimistic.”

Rep. William L. Owens declined Monday an invitation to be questioned by fiscal conservatives in the congressional district committed to his ousting.”

Eliot Spitzer said Bloomberg is wrong on Wall Street.

The Drug Policy Institute blames Bloomberg after they were not allowed to post a pro-legalize-Marijuana billboard by the BQE.

Adolfo Carrion gets a demotion.

Kevin Parker: “If I have offended people in this chamber in any way, I offer my sincerest apologies.”

Parker said he got death threats.

As for whether he was comfortable running for the state’s top law enforcement position with the backing of a senator who has been arrested himself, Schneiderman spoke quickly before ducking into the reception.”

[E]mbarrassingly and wrongly inflexible” is how David Paterson described some federal immigration laws.

Can you force furloughs? “You can tell people to stay home one day but you can’t cut their pay.”

Joe Bruno’s sentencing is Thursday.

Clyde Haberman suggests ways Steve Goldsmith can learn about New York.

Kendall Stewart allowed his chief of staff to hire his own daughter.

Stewart is now paying a fine.

A State Senator is challenged to reveal his private law clients.

Alan Chartock cuts the mic on a host who is under investigation.

And here’s video of Hiram Monserrate boxing. Schneiderman declined an invite to fight him. Monserrate is listed as ‘super heavyweight.’

Morning Read: Fearing Bloomberg, Ducking Parker, Fighting Monserrate