Mort Zuckerman is Considering Moving Downtown, Too; Also Looking at Newsweek

Condé Nast is not the only publishing company thinking about moving downtown. Mort Zuckerman is also thinking about moving the Daily News offices from West 33rd Street to space downtown, according to Daily Finance.

Daily News real estate man Jeff Zomper told Jeff Bercovici that the company has gone back and forth about whether to move six times.

“It’s possible we could do a renewal on our current space, or there’s a chance we could end up downtown,” he told Bercovici.

Mr. Zuckerman has looked at the space vacated by The Journal in 2008 when it moved to the News Corp. building in midtown, but the tabloid has “unique infrastructure needs they weren’t able to meet,” according to Mr. Zomper.

Mr. Zuckerman is one of three potential bidders who could get control of One World Trade Center. The others included Stephen Ross and Douglas Durst. Condé Nast’s interest in One World Trade certainly helps Mr. Durst’s bid (he owns 4 Times Sqaure, and he could allow them to break their lease early to move downtown if he gets control of the tower). Perhaps Mr. Zuckerman is trying to leverage a Daily News move to One World Trade to make his bid look a little better to the Port Authority, as well?

News that Mr. Zuckerman is pondering a move downtown comes days after rumors elsewhere that Mr. Zuckerman was thinking about buying Newsweek. Which makes us think: It’s a lot easier to get your name out in the world by saying you’re considering the same big moves that other media companies are looking at, especially when the real news you have is pretty grim.

Mort Zuckerman is Considering Moving Downtown, Too; Also Looking at Newsweek