MSNBC Boss Griffin Expresses Admiration for Fox News Chief Ailes

Phil Griffin the president of MSNBC sees a lot to admire in Roger Ailes’ work at Fox News, according to a piece today in The Chicago Tribune.

Mr. Griffin was in Chicago last week to meet with advertisers. Along the way, he met up with the Tribune‘s Phil Rosenthal.

Here’s what Mr. Griffin told Mr. Rosenthal about Mr. Ailes:

He’s changed media. Everybody does news differently because Roger’s changed the world…Roger early on figured it out and was brilliant.

As recently as October of 2008, Mr. Griffin was walking around 30 Rock with his old CNN I.D. badge tucked inside his wallet. Mr. Griffin got his start in TV working for CNN when Ted Turner was first pioneering the genre of cable news in the early ’80s.

But these days, it’s apparently Fox News not CNN from which Mr. Griffin is taking lessons.

“The critical lesson Griffin took from Ailes was that a news outlet that stands for something is one that consumers can stand behind and rally around,” writes Mr. Rosenthal.