Nine Percent of Daily News Editorial Staff Took the Buyout

About 30 staffers, or 9 percent of the Daily News editorial team, took Mort Zuckerman’s latest buyout offer.

The paper will be left with fewer than 300 members on the editorial staff after Friday, the last day any staffers can take the offer.

Gossip man George Rush was among those who chose a buyout, which includes two weeks of severance for every year with the paper. His wife, Joanna Molloy, chose to stay put, according to Keith Kelly.

Mila Andre, another veteran writer on the features desk with about 40 years experience is also said to be going.

Photographer Charles Ruppmann, who had started at the paper in the 1960s and rose to picture editor, is also among those taking the package, as is veteran political reporter David Saltonstall, who has nearly 20 years on the job. So to is veteran copy editor William Avyzian.

Mr. Zuckerman told his staff that the the next round of buyouts will offer half as much severance.

Cutbacks at the News come just as Mr. Zuckerman’s Boston Properties bowed out of the race for One World Trade Center.