NYC’s Weekly Top Ten in TV: Family Guy Makes the Cut

Top 10 shows in New York, May 10 to May 16, according to Nielsen Data (total viewers, time shifting/DVR not included)

The upfronts came and went this week with lots of excitement and disappointment, anger and awe. What makes good TV?

We’ll direct you to Michael Hirschorn’s excellent piece on the subject in the current issue of New York:

When all else fails, try being good. This may seem like an awfully cynical way to start an analysis of how great TV gets made. But TV is the most finely tuned of commercial instruments (up there with boy bands and political attack ads as a regurgitated product of the conscious and subconscious public will), and it does nothing merely for its health or to get to heaven.



(1) Fox-5….American Idol (Tuesday)….1,868,000

(2) Fox-5….American Idol (Wed)….1,742,000

(3) ABC-7….Dancing w/ the Stars….1,355,000

(4) ABC-7….Desperate Housewives….1,093,000

(5) Fox-5….Glee….955,000

(6) CBS-2….The Good Wife….946,000

(7) CBS-2….Criminal Mind….921,000

(8) ABC-7….Brothers & Sisters….919,000

(9) CBS-2….Mentalist….867,000

(10) Fox-5….Family Guy….859,000

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