Obama Upstages Jay Leno with Help from The Daily Show Writers

If President Obama seemed to blow Jay Leno out of the water at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, it’s because he received a little presidential aid.

The Daily Beast’s Lloyd Grove notes that Obama received help with his jokes from Daily Show writers.

“The only person whose ratings fell more than mine did last year is here. Great to see you, Jay!” Obama dinged the off-and-on Tonight show host, who, when his turn came on the podium at the Washington Hilton, proceeded to confirm just why that might be true.

Obama-aided (as presidential political guru David Axelrod acknowledged to me when the show was over) by the razor-sharp jokesters from The Daily Show-came armed with fresh and funny material that prompted some of the biggest laughs I’ve witnessed the Leader of the Free World receiving in more than two decades of attending this strange Washington media-political celebration of self-congratulation

All in all, not such a great weekend for Jay.