Rick Lazio Agrees That His LG Pick Is Not Exciting

photo2 Rick Lazio Agrees That His LG Pick Is Not ExcitingAt a press conference in his Midtown office this afternoon, Rick Lazio officially announced that Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards is his pick for lieutenant governor.

The decision comes as Mr. Lazio tries to beat back a primary challenge from Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, who described the pick as a “bland, safe choice.

The new ticket seemed to embrace the criticism.

“If exciting is Pedro Espada and Alan Hevesi, scandal, investigations, bankrupt states, defaulted payments, recrimination, stalemate and chaos, then I think people are not looking for any more of that,” Mr. Lazio said. “This is a ticket that has experience, conviction, that has the record that will be appealing to people outside Albany.”

“You know something? The safety is that I’ll show up to work hard everyday,” said Mr. Edwards.

Mr. Edwards gives the ticket some executive experience, and some geographical diversity. Chautaqua County is the westernmost county in the state.

“What’s your appeal to voters in the city?” asked a reporter for the Daily News. “I’m not feeling the city love up here.”

“You’re not feeling the city love? Look, I think this is the greatest city in the greatest state in the greatest country in the world,” Mr. Lazio said. “You need to have a state that’s a partner–not as a master, not as a bully, but a partner to get the job done.”

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