Rick Stengel’s Time, A Newsweekly With ‘Point of View’ and Profit

There are two newsweeklies in this town, and one of them wants nothing to do with the other right now.

In an update to the New York Times article about the Washington Post Company’s sale of Newsweek, Time editor Rick Stengel distances himself as much as possible from his struggling competition-cum-counterpart.

“Our audience is bigger than the cable audiences,” he said. “What we have embraced is point-of-view journalism.”

Mr. Stengel said that Time was “very profitable last year, and we will be even more profitable this year.”

On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart asked Newsweek editor Jon Meacham if he thought Time was better off becuase they do a better job generating buzz. Mr. Meacham said that being owned by a larger media conglomerate gives them an advantage over a one-magazine company.