Robert Thomson Comes to the Plate!

Wall Street Journal editor Robert Thomson played softball this weekend in Central Park. He got a clean single up the middle. He also scored a run.  According to an internal Journal email, the game was rather lopsided: The Journal defeated Bloomberg 26-1.

Here’s the recap:

From: Ng, Serena
Sent: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:06 PM

         CENTRAL PARK, NY — The Wall Street Journal softball team trounced Bloomberg News 26-1 last Saturday in a lopsided match-up marked by a noteworthy debut. 
         On an overcast morning, the WSJ team, recently named the “Capitalists,” arrived at Central Park’s North Meadow to find editor-in-chief Robert Thomson playing soccer with his sons.  As he observed the teams warming up, Mr. Thomson–no relation to Bobby Thomson of New York Giants fame–exhorted Journal players to ensure they would win the game.
        WSJ didn’t disappoint, scoring 10 runs in the first two innings and piling on more throughout the game. Solid pitching from Pat Macri and Chris Morino, and a strong defense anchored by short-stop Russell Adams and second basewoman Shira Ovide, prevented Bloomberg from scoring for most of the game. WSJ sluggers Paul Glader, Darren Everson, Tom McGinty, Serena Ng and Mark Whitehouse aided the offense with multiple hits.
        In the bottom 6th inning, with WSJ leading 20-1, Mr. Thomson got up to pinch hit. Grabbing a bat, he mimicked a cricket swing and asked co-captain and senior editor Mike Siconolfi if that would work before stepping up to the plate. “Whatever it takes,” replied Mr. Siconolfi.   
        Crouching at home plate, Mr. Thomson swung at the first pitch that came his way, lining a ball down the middle for a base hit. He later scored on a triple by first baseman Moo Lim. After the game, an impressed Bloomberg staffer commented that they ought to get Matt Winkler out to next year’s game.
        The recent victory over Bloomberg, and the previous weekend’s 27-1 win over a team from Newsweek/Slate, pushes WSJ win-loss record so far this season to 3-1. Two weeks ago, WSJ lost 11-15 to league opponent DC Comics, which is currently leading the New York Media Softball League in wins. The next game is on June 12.