Roger Ebert Sells a Memoir to Grand Central

Roger Ebert has sold a memoir to Mitch Hoffman of Grand Central, in a deal brokered by Joel Gotler at Intellectual Property Group and announced last night on Publishers Marketplace. The book went for a sum in the high six figures at auction, and is due out in fall 2011.

The film-critic-turned-Twitter-fiend has been having a bit of a moment lately–Hoffman pointed to the widely praised profile that Esquire ran in February as a testament to Ebert’s publishing appeal.

“If all you saw was that article, it was immediately clear,” he said.

Still, Hoffman added, Ebert offers more than media buzz.

“He of course is a celebrity,” Hoffman said of the Pulitzer-winning film critic. “But he’s a real writer.”

Roger Ebert Sells a Memoir to Grand Central