Ryan McGinley Shoots for Times Magazine

Lynn Hirschberg penned her final piece for The New York Times Magazine this weekend on M.I.A., and what a way to go out! Ryan McGinley shot the–pretty amazing–photos for the piece.

Suddenly Gerry Marzorati seems to be expanding that photo portfolio! Remember Jeff Koons and those bunnies from two months ago?

So why the big names?

“We did make a concerted decision that there’s plenty to read in the magazine, so why not highlight the sort of things we do with photography?” said Gerry Marzorati, the editor of The Times Magazine.

He said that if he had an extra 10 pages in the magazine every week, he “would devote the space to photography rather than words. We give people tens of thousands of words every Sunday.”

“It’s something that occurred this year to a greater extent,” he continued. “Rather than put a fourth story in the feature well, we said, well, let’s blow out the photography. And give a more enriched visual experience.”

And why Mr. McGinley?

“Ryan has shot for the magazine a number of times,” he said. “He did the Winter Olympics. Four years ago, he did Michael Phelps and Olympic swimmers. He did a Hollywood portfolio. This is the fifth or sixth time he’s shot for us.”

Ryan McGinley Shoots for Times Magazine