Schumer and Quinn: Duffy is Good on Crime and LGBT Issues

Now that Andrew Cuomo has selected Rochester Mayor Bob Duffy as his running mate, Democrats at the state convention are busy touting his credentials.

“When he was police chief of Rochester, I would go to him for solutions on crime, and how to bring the police together with the community,” said Senator Chuck Schumer, who had just finished his speech accepting the nomination, in the same room where he was nominated to challenge Al D’Amato 12 years ago. “[Mr. Duffy] was a master, and I took some of his ideas and spread them nationwide. And he became mayor not as a politician but because the people of Rochester really demanded his ascending to mayor. I think he’s a non-politician, he’s a smart guy, he has integrity, he’s great.”

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn–who warmly introduced Kirsten Gillibrand as one of her closest allies in government–praised Mr. Duffy for an entirely different reason.

“Mayor Duffy is somebody I’ve had the pleasure of working with, particularly on statewide LGBT issues,” said Ms. Quinn. “And he’s somebody who I think will bring a very good upstate balance to our ticket and send a message that we’re a party that’s really interested in helping the entire state of New York.”