Sloane Crosley Continues Two-Front Conquest of the Publishing World

Sloane Crosley (best-selling author and “The Most Popular Publicist in New York“) just got a promotion—she’s now deputy director of publicity for Vintage/Anchor.

But as she settles into her new job title, she’s also preparing to promote her next book, How Did You Get This Number, out June 15.

How will she manage?

Well, Crosley told us, she’ll be going “on vacation” for two weeks in June, during which period she will undertake a 10-city book tour.

It’s a funny trade-off: “When most authors go on vacation, they don’t become book publicists,” she said. Philip Roth does not start sending out galleys when he wants a break from writing, she added.

True. We guess Philip Roth is kind of slacking in that regard.