The Spitzers Typically Have a Protein, Two Vegetables and a Starch

Yesterday morning, at a City Harvest benefit at the Metropolitan Club, Silda Wall Spitzer led a panel of students in discussing the importance of service. Before benefit ladies like Muffie Potter Aston, Topsy Taylor, Susan Fales-Hill, and Gillian Miniter took their seats to hear Ms. Spitzer speak, the Daily Transom took a moment to ask her about her weekend.

“My Mother’s Day was terrific,” she said. “We were upstate on the farm with our two daughters and we got a call from the third.” Given that this was a benefit for an organization that delivers food to the hungry and teaches children about proper nutrition, we inquired about a typical dinner at the Spitzer household. “We try to eat healthy,” said Ms. Spitzer. “We typically have a protein, two vegetables and a starch.” Anything her girls couldn’t go without? “Sure–pasta! Very healthful, don’t you think?”

Ms. Spitzer said she is still working as the managing director for Metropolitan Capital Advisors when she is not serving on benefit committees like this one. “That’s my day job,” she said. Balancing the two is manageable for her, she said. “This time it was very easy because it’s half a block from here. But you know, your time just sort of expands to fill the need that you have to get things done. You find a way to make it work.”