Todd Palin Builds a Fence Between the Family and Joe McGinniss

Joe McGinniss did not originally have the idea to rent a house for the summer next door to Sarah Palin, the subject of his forthcoming book.

Sarah Palin’s neighbor approached Mr. McGinniss about renting the property, according to Politico.

“A woman was renting her house and sought out the author because the Palins had crossed her (owed her money for renovations she had done at their request and never paid her for). So she knew McGinniss was writing the book and found him and offered him the house,” wrote the author’s son, Joe McGinniss Jr., in an email to a Palin supporter.

The neighbor had offers for the house from the National Enquirer, but she turned those down, according to the younger Mr. McGiniss.

Meanwhile, Tod Palin began erecting a fence next to the property on Tuesday, after The Palins realized Mr. McGinniss was occupying the property next to theirs.

“Stay your distance and you better leave my kids alone,” Ms. Palin said in an interview with Glenn Beck on Wednesday.

(h/t Michael Calderone)