Young Graydon Carter Read About the Sexual Revolution in Time Magazine

“We could chat on and on about the dating ­habits of my beloved homeland — where even post-marital sex was gently frowned on — but there is a book to review here,” writes Graydon Carter in this weekend’s Times Book Review. The book is The Pregnant Widow by Martin Amis. 

Mr. Carter begins by talking about his own relationship with the sexual revolution growing up in Canada.

For someone who grew up in a not particularly exciting city in Canada — yes, yes, that was a joke — the sexual revolution was something that happened to someone else, somewhere else, most probably in that enchanted, faraway Gomorrah called the United States. I had certainly read about the sexual revolution in magazines like Time, and I was nothing if not eager to take it beyond the theoretical. But the knock on the door never came, and when I left for the rough-and-tumble of New York in the 1970s, I was still waiting for the sexual rebellion to conscript me into its welcoming bosom.

“I don’t even like reading about sex — I’m Canadian!” jokes Mr. Graydon in an accompanying podcast.

Also in the Book Review this weekend is Sarah Ellison’s War at the Wall Street Journal.