VSL// See the world as animals see it

If a zoo is for seeing animals, the Museum of Animal Perspectives, a site that collects videos taken from the backs of animals, is for seeing what animals see.

The site, curated by “video naturalist” Sam Easterson, gathers professional and amateur “animal-borne imaging,” point-of-view videos from large animals (alligator, bison, armadillo) and small ones (tarantula, scorpion, frog), and embeds it in Google Maps for easy geographical reference. The views are pretty striking. For example, watching a snapping turtle normally involves staring at a lethargic hulk in the sun. But with a view from the snapper’s back, you see it cruise along the bottom of a lake, fend off a curious bass and paddle furiously for the surface and a breath of air. These privileged views give a sense of an animal’s personality beyond the frightened, hungry or drowsy—a wonder seldom perceived through human eyes.

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