Eye Opener: LeBron in the Village, Vetoes in Albany

Someone stole a fake fish from Kelly Klein‘s East Hampton home. [NYP]

Popcorn greases the wheel with one judge. [NYT]

Governor Paterson has not yet begun to veto! [WNYC]

Whitman freak-out jam by the waterfont” planned in Brooklyn. [WSJ]

The rumors are true: Larry King will end his show in the fall. [NYP]

Protest over the M.T.A.’s removal of “racy” vodka ads on buses. [NYDN]

Foursquare raises $20 million in venture capital. [NYT]

LeBron James is looking at West Village townhouses. [NYP]

New Tina Brown–backed book details a John McCain gambling spree. [NYDN]

El Diario columnist rounded up in Russian spy ring. [NBC]

High schoolers grow oysters just off Governors Island. [NYT]