FEED Archives Back Online After Nine Years, Starring Shirky, Lipsyte, Ross, Cox

FEED, the 1990s webzine founded by Stefanie Syman and Steven Berlni Johnson, has placed its archives back online today at feedmag.com. The material that’s been restored today went offline in 2001. Lately the only way to read this stuff was to go on the Way Back Machine at archive.org.

“FEED tried to re-imagine how we would read and write in the digital age even as we dedicated ourselves to the craft of writing, a craft we were perfecting as green writers and editors ourselves,” the editors write in an explanatory note posted above a trove of reminiscences by some of the site’s top writers. That list includes novelist Sam Lipsyte, Bookforum editor Chris Lehmann, New Yorker classical music critic Alex Ross, and web theorist Clay Shirky (whom the Observer profiled the other week).

The pieces posted on the site are divided up into categories Arts & Music, Books, Mediasphere, Moving Pictures, Habitat, and Vices. I’ve asked on Twitter whether FEED’s editors will be featuring pieces on a day-to-day basis– hard to imagine that many people will make a habit of digging through the archives if someone doesn’t hold their hands–  but @feedforever, the editors’ new Twitter account for posting new material from their contributors– hasn’t gotten back yet.