Hedge Fun Management

Last night n+1 and Harper Perennial celebrated the release of Diary of a Very Bad Year: Confessions of an Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager. The book compiles Keith Gessen’s interviews with a financial man of mystery, whose work The Observer has also published.

We spent most of the party standing over the air conditioner, but we ceded this spot to Gessen when he emerged, sweat-drenched and still blazer-clad, after addressing the crowd. He had been pretty much flying solo, naturally, as his co-author couldn’t reveal himself.

Question of the hour: So, who was the anonymous Hedge Fund Manager? We found out, but we’ll never tell. Mostly because to tell we would have to say things like “That guy, in the shirt, not the tall one–the one who was signing books.”

Sorry. By way of compensation, a snappy book trailer: