Mike Allen Counts Twelve Newsweek Suitors; Also, Magazine Got Pranked

Mike Allen has heard that there are more than a dozen parties seriously interested in Newsweek. Previous estimates put the pack around five or six. But who’s counting?!

If Sidney Harman — husband of California Democrat Jane Harman, the second or third richest member of Congress — took control, he would not make any major changes to the traditional newsmagazine. According to Mr. Allen’s source, he would also protect the magazine’s status as “a player in the national and international conversation.”

In other news for Newsweek, the magazine’s redesigned website came with a surprise — zombies.

Last night it came to light on Twitter that if you entered a cheat code from old Konami videogames from the 1980s on the frontpage of Newsweek.com, a tag page full of articles about Zombies would reveal itself. (N.B. the “Zombie” tag next to the mock articles linked to the “Tea Party” tag page).

We asked a Newsweek spokesperson last night if the staff was aware of this feature.

“It’s true that our programmers had a bit of fun and hid the Konami Easter egg in the site,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “It does not affect the rest of the site’s functionality. Now that we’ve all had a laugh, we will be removing it.”