Morning Read: Lazio’s Long Road

ny nd 1 Morning Read: Lazios Long RoadIt’s still a long road for Lazio, says the Times-Union.

Fred Dicker thinks the pick will get Cuomo riled up.

Ed Cox will try to hang on.

Cox and Steve Levy don’t exactly agree on whether he’s a possible third-party candidate.

Doug Muzzio thinks Cox should resign, à la Nixon.

Mayor Bloomberg and Jeb Bush really like each other.

For the fifth year in a row, a controversial child sex abuse bill, opposed by the Catholic Church, failed in the State Legislature.

Reps. Gregory Meeks and Yvette Clark are backing a bill that would rein in the Office of Congressional Ethics.

And pictured above, the cover of Newsday—the only local paper that put Lazio on the wood.

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