Radio is ‘Perfect Medium’ in David Paterson’s Eyes; Governor to Consider Hosting a Show

“And we’ve got David from Harlem, you’re on the line!”

The Times has a front page article this morning about Governor David Paterson’s love affair with the radio. Mr. Paterson, an avid sports fan, began listening to the radio as a boy becuase it was the easiest way for him to follow sports.

When he wakes up, when he falls asleep, when he’s in the car  — Mr. Paterson is always listening. The governor tunes in to WOR, WNYC and WABC, WCBS, WINS and the BBC at night as he’s going to sleep. And he seems to be an avid Tony Paige listener (boxing chat, all night long!) on WFAN.

He often calls the shows, too, and goes into radio studios for interviews. (Sometimes he just wants to talk about the Mets.)

Just yesterday Mr. Paterson was on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show to respond to remarks from Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.

“It’s sort of a perfect medium for me,” Mr. Paterson told The Times. 

As speculation builds that another New York governor is preparing for a career in broadcast, Mr. Paterson said that he would “probably consider” hosting a radio show after he leaves office.