Sarah Palin is Spying on Joe McGinniss; Palin’s New Neighbor Goes on Today

Joe McGiniss was on the Today show this morning to clear up a few things about his decision to rent a home next to Sarah Palin in Wasilla this summer.

He is not there to creep on Sarah Palin, the subject of his forthcoming book, he says. In fact he feels a little creeped on himself.

“Surreptitiously they photographed me standing on my own porch,” McGiniss told Matt Lauer, referring to photos that Ms. Palin posted on her Facebook page when she realized the author had moved in.

Mr. McGiniss stressed the fact that he was only interested in being in Wasilla to research his book, and does not plan to observe the Palins in their backyard as part of his research.

“The fact is I would be living on this house if the Palins lived on the moon. $1500 per month for a house in Wasilla!” he said.


[via NBC]