So, Did the Press Find Anything in Those Kagan Documents?

On Friday, the Clinton Library made a document dump of some 46,000 pages of memos from Elena Kagan’s time as a White House domestic policy advsier.  The wonks have had a weekend with the documents, so were they able to find a pubic hair in this can of Coke?

Short answer: No.  Kagan’s input on most of the documents is the odd handwritten notation, meaning that those looking to build a case against her were reduced to overanalyzing scribbles. The AP was happy to do this, calling their own findings “mysterious” in the headline. The strongest critique the Times could find was the phrase “fairly terrible idea,” in reference to a federal ban on assisted suicide, and a disagreement with the tone of a Social Security Administration letter. Politico managed to find a conflict in the documents: some say they show her to be a centrist, but others insist they demonstrate her pragmatism. Oh, can’t we all just get along?

Politico then ran a story today about how there’s so little debate over Kagan’s nomination.  We hear you!