Sofia Coppola is Back! And…Going Somewhere

Has the seemingly bottomless pit of senses-pounding drek at the multiplex this summer rendered you incapable of remembering what it’s like to see a good movie? Well, Sofia Coppola is here to help. Maybe. The Academy Award winner (for writing) returns in December with Somewhere, and based on the newly released trailer it has a chance to be the sequel to Lost in Translation you’ve been waiting for! Unfortunately, it could also be the sequel to Marie Antoinette which absolutely no one is waiting for.

In keeping with her quasi-autobiographical oeuvre, Somewhere finds a young, waif-ish blonde (Dakota Fanning’s sister Elle, looking much more senior than her 11 years), reuniting with her ne’er-do-well actor father at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Oh, and did we mention that her father is played by Stephen Dorff? Yes, that Stephen Dorff, in a role that could position him as the Mickey Rourke of the 2010 Oscar season. For that alone, Somewhere should move to the top of your must-see list.

Anyway, the trailer is typical Coppola: mostly wordless, dreamy, poignant and peppered with music from The Strokes — in this case, “I’ll Try Anything Once,” a B-side from First Impressions of Earth — and Phoenix, who are also doing the music for Somewhere (not coincidentally since Phoenix lead singer Thomas Mars is the boyfriend/baby daddy of the director). The only way this trailer could be better? A glimpse of Benicio Del Toro, who is rumored to have a lengthy cameo appearance as himself.