Sources: Conde Nast to Revive Gourmet Brand

Earlier this year, we told you how Conde Nast was considering licensing some of its brands. This is an idea that had been on the table for years, but Si Newhouse always frowned upon it (why cheapen your brand and take focus off the printed magazine?).

Well, tomorrow morning Conde Nast is expected to make an announcement about the extension of the Gourmet brand, Conde sources tell us (this is unrelated to the launch of Dash magazine). The magazine folded back in October, and people have not been happy about that. The brand extension is expected to be primarily web-related (take a look at right now, and not a whole heck of a lot is going on), and we heard that Ruth Reichl isn’t expected to have any sort of involvement with the revival.

Conde Nast is hosting a press briefing at 4 Times Square tomorrow morning, so we’ll tell you more once we know it.