Taking Risks with The New Yorker? David Remnick’s Magazine Follows Wired to the iPad

David Remnick’s magazine will become the second Condé Nast title after Wired to develop an iPad app with Adobe instead of Condé’s internal digital team, according to Memo Pad.

Following Wired lead comes with the unenviable task of living up to that magazine’s numbers out of the gate (the Wired iPad app out-sold the magazine at the newsstand in its first month).

“Listen, it’s Wired,” Glamour‘s Cindi Leive told The Observer earlier this summer. “Are readers of every magazine going to respond exactly that way right out of the gate? No. I’m sure they have more readers with iPads right now than I do.”

Last week Wired creative director Scott Dadich emphasized the importance of risk-taking in app development.

“The success of the magazine I think is based on that willingness to take risk and the culture that Chris [Anderson] allows at the magazine has really — I think you’re seeing that in the success of the app so far,” Mr. Dadich told The Observer.

“We’re trying to fail quickly and pick ourselves up and learn from our mistakes and, as quickly as possible, get a product that our readers are in love with and that we enjoy making and that our advertising partners feel is helpful to them as well,” Mr. Dadich added later.

The New Yorker isn’t known for playing around with the format of the magazine. Working with Adobe, Mr. Remnick will have plenty of chances to show that he’s not afraid to take his magazine out on a digital limb. What does he have to lose?