The MSNBC-ification of Dave Weigel; Former Blogger Gets a Job on Cable

If Dave Weigel’s time at The Washington Post saw the MSNBC-ification of the paper, his resignation on Friday has brought the MSNBC-ification of Dave Weigel.

Last night on Countdown, Keith Olbermann introduced Mr. Weigel as an “MSNBC contributor.” (Is that a job?) Mr. Olbermann also announced the hire on Twitter, according to Steve Krakauer. Mr. Krakauer confirmed that Mr. Weigel’s new job with MSNBC is both paid and exclusive.

Mr. Weigel resigned from his job at The Post after his emails from a listserv for journalists and policy makers were leaked to the press, revealing some of his personal opinions about characters he covered as The Post‘s blogger covering conservatives.