Writing for the Kindle: ‘Like a Fast-Paced Rock and Roll Album’

thieves manhattan Writing for the Kindle: Like a Fast Paced Rock and Roll AlbumAdam Langer’s forthcoming novel The Thieves of Manhattan tells the story of a James Frey-ish memoirist. But the book isn’t just about deception and jealousy, Langer told The Wall Street Journal. It also involves another source of publishing angst: ebooks! Formally speaking, at least:

I kind of wanted to write a book that would read well on a Kindle. Not long, rambling, contemplative chapters but very focused. I’m being slightly facetious when I say that. But I wanted something to capture attention, be fast, move like a fast-paced rock and roll album or a really fun 85-minute film.

Of course, Langer still hopes to deliver the old-fashioned pleasure of lightly fictionalized gossip:

I hope everyone doesn’t love it. I hope there’s some people who I’ve never met who are offended by it. I hope a lot of people think Blade is based on them.

Some things are timeless.

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