3rd Ward Art Collective Gets the Times Treatment

3rd Ward, the arts collective in Brooklyn, is celebrated in the Times‘s art section as a “D.I.Y. utopia” with a piece detailing how the organization, now four years old, has managed to thrive at a time when any reasonable person might have expected it to crumple. Facilities at 3rd Ward, which counts primarily freelancers as its members, include wood and metalworking shops, photography studios, “media labs,” and classrooms. Revenue last year was $1.5 million, according to 31-year-old co-founder Jason Goodman. The Times explains that 3rd Ward was able to expand its membership in part because the recession forced individualks who might have otherwise been able to afford their own space to look for cheaper alternatives.

Back in November the Observer wrote about one particular class that was being offered at 3rd Ward, about how to make it in the New York art world. The class, which attracted about a dozen of artists of varying levels of experience, met at 3rd Ward’s Williamsburg location, right across from where their new food truck, Goods, now stands.