A ‘Bunker’ at The Guardian

0729guardian A Bunker at The Guardian“Meanwhile, in Washington, Times reporter Eric Schmitt had just returned from a reporting trip to Iraq. Dean Baquet, his bureau chief, advised him of a quick turnaround to undertake a ‘special project’ in London. Schmitt says he was briefed by Keller, and touched down in London late Saturday, June 26. After a Sunday lunch with David Leigh, The Guardian’s investigations editor, Schmitt was shown to a room that the journalists analyzing the documents would come to call ‘the bunker.’ The room—tucked away on a floor used by The Guardian’s advertising staff, deliberately out of view of curious newsroom eyes—featured two rows of a half-dozen or so desks, facing each other. A floor to ceiling window looked across The Guardian’s office building.” — CJR’s Clint Hendler describing Times reporter Eric Schmitt’s first encounter with the The War Logs.

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