Air Conditioners Yield Environmental Damage, Republicans

On this day of 100-degree heat, Salon offers some cheery news: Air conditioners have ruined the world.

Not only is air conditioning terrible for the environment, it has also made people fat (“we tend to eat more when we’re in cool conditions”) and encouraged them to move to Nevada, and maybe even given us George W. Bush’s presidency:

It’s pretty much unanimously believed that if we had not had air conditioning, we could not have had this huge migration of population from the North to the Sun Belt, and we certainly wouldn’t have seen 70 percent of all economic growth happening in the South since 1960. This has had major political implications by shifting electoral votes to predominantly red states in the South and West. In an imaginary world where air conditioning hadn’t been invented, it could easily be the case that many of the big Republican victories in the ’90s and 2000s would not have happened.

So, whether you’re sitting in a frosty office or sweltering in your godforsaken apartment–we hope you’re happy.