Amy Astley and Teen Vogue Declare the Gay Best Friend Your ‘Must-Have’ Summer Accessory!

Teen Vogue’s web site has published a story on its web site declaring that the gay best friend is the summer accessory of 2010!

In the lede of the story, which is written by Lindsay Talbot, we discover a 16-year-old California girl had all of her summer accessories lined up, which include, a “Proenza Schouler tie-dyed top, a shrunken military jacket, neon-bright chunky bracelets, and . . . a gay best friend.”

How charming!

Amy Astley, Teen Vogue‘s editor, offers in an editor’s note, “Thank goodness for gay best friends. I treasure my GBFs — I live in New York City; I have many, many! — because they are noncompetitive and nonjudgmental, and we make each other feel accepted and cherished.”

Why, thank you!

Ms. Astley reminds her readers in an editor’s note that the girls should fight for their gay friends’ rights, but if her note is an attempt to dump some cold water on an otherwise fairly offensive post, her effort is really half-hearted.