Checking in: Rex and the City in The Times

Tomorrow The New York Times Style section checks in with web designer and digital consultant Rex Sorgatz.

“Half of me thinks its fascinating to live life online,” Mr. Sorgatz told The Observer in a profile at the beginning of last year. “The other half wants to scream at the triviality of it all, like a good Midwestern person would do: ‘Why would we care about you people?!’”

But the Mr. Sorgatz we see in The Times tomorrow is less maudlin New York City transplant and more Social Networking Butterfly, not to mention restauranteur (his burger joint venture: “Apple Store-meets-fast-food”).

We miss old Rex with the angst, the girl trouble and the weekend packing list — “Hamptons: Tent. Video Camera. Condoms.” Now it’s all burgers, viral internet contests and the Paper magazine social networking issue party.