Chelsea’s Wedding Has Made the Clintons Sobbing, Nervous Wrecks

Bill and Hilary Clinton are alternately extremely anxious and emotionally vulnerable as they careen toward their daughter’s wedding, reports the AP and Reuters, pulling from an interview with Andrea Mitchell.

Hillary Clinton is in Pakistan today, taking steps to begin a bold new chapter in our relationship with the nuclear-armed ally as part of an effort to increase security for our troops in Afghanistan. Also, Chelsea may wear Oscar de la Renta!

“My lips are sealed,” [Sec. Clinton] said, adding, “I am under very strict orders not to talk about it,” since it is a private matter.

Questions about the wedding came at the end of the interview, but were given major play in many stories because of their obvious journalistic sexiness.

Also revealed: President Clinton is expected to cry at the ceremony, and the groom’s Jewishness will not be a problem.

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